Benson Henderson is the UFC LW Champ, but not the best LW

Inevitably most of the new rankings that pop up after UFC on Fox 5 are going to place Benson Henderson in the number 1 position for the Lightweight rankings.

Logically it is hard to disagree, I mean the UFC is the top organization in the world   so whoever is the champion in the UFC is usually the best in the world for their weight.
However I honestly don’t believe Benson is even the best LW in the UFC right now.
For starters I am of the opinion that Frankie Edgar beat him in the second fight, so I consider Frankie a better LW.

I don’t think Benson can beat Gray Maynard.
He already lost once to Anthony Pettis and I am confident Pettis can beat him again.
Gilbert Melendez, Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler would all be tough tests as well.
Hell even Sean Sherk may be able to hold Benson down for 25 minutes and beat him.

In saying this, it just goes to show that the LW division is the deepest toughest division when you have nearly 10 guys who could all be the champ on any given day.


4 thoughts on “Benson Henderson is the UFC LW Champ, but not the best LW

  1. Frankie Edgar is a featherweight now anyway so his place in the lightweight division shouldn’t count. The reality is Henderson, whether he deserved to or not won both fights with Edgar. Even if you say the second decision was wrong it’s still deadlocked at one a piece.

    Gray Maynard is a great fighter, but if you neutralize his wrestling he has nothing really to offer. He showed twice against Edgar that once he threw a load of power shots he was completely spent. He can’t handle Ben’s energy for five full rounds. The ONLY way he wins this fight is if he knocks him out early, which I can’t see considering Bendo’s NEVER been knocked out.

    Anthony Pettis beat Henderson in a VERY close fight that was basically won because of a novelty kick that will never happen again. In the UFC Ben has elevated his game much more than Pettis has, and I think in a rematch Ben would win.

    • As I said I really can’t logically disagree that he is the best, he is sitting at the top of the division.
      I am of the opinion that he won’t stay there too much longer as one of these guys mentioned will beat him at some point.

      I suspect Gray or Gilbert will get the next LW title shot, If Benson can do to either of those guys what he did to Nate I will be a believer that he is truly the best.

  2. WTF? This is the dumbest piece of crap I’ve ever read… nothing you say makes any sense. It’s like Cain saying nobody can stop him, when JDS already knocked his stupid ass out. It’s like Chael saying Anderson sucks, when Anderson submitted his ass and TKO’d him. This is obviously written by some idiot that doesn’t know shit about MMA. Dumbass

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